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Carrefour, simple but special preparations with Vivi di Gusto

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Decorating a table for a dinner or an important event can be approached in two different ways.

One way is to feel that these are tasks to be done as quickly and efficiently as possible, so that you can devote yourself entirely to the pleasures of the occasion: eating, drinking, laughing and socializing . The other way is to try to organize the details of what is going on for the pleasure of your guests.

diet woman

Here are 4 ideas to find a balance:

  1. No sophistry is necessary . It is also possible to choose the opposite approach: putting together whatever comes along, without thinking about how things look or whether they are convenient. If that’s the way, there’s nothing wrong with that. But why not mix things up every now and then? Why not surprise your guests with something truly special?
  2. Let yourself be guided by tastes rather than habits , allowing imagination and creativity to entertain all aspects of hospitality – from planning a menu to setting up the table – making it an occasion in which you will enjoy every detail.
  3. Taste is a concept that includes everything that surrounds us : our memories, our experiences, our desires and our fantasies. Through taste, you can get to know someone better. It’s not just about food – it’s about living life to the fullest .
  4. It is not meant that you should throw all caution to the wind and start creating improbable culinary masterpieces. But it is time to get rid of bad habits acquired over time. We need to make room for a new kind of thinking, which helps us appreciate the magic hidden behind every gesture.

Cooking without waste

Cook once, eat three times . A family of four can save a great deal without wasting a great deal by preparing a large meal on Sunday or another day during the week, and then using the leftovers in creative ways. For example, if you eat sauteed chicken with rice one night, you could make sandwiches with leftover chicken and green salad the next night. The next night it could be a fry with vegetables from their garden and brown rice instead of white. And the following evening could be a plate of pasta with vegetables and chicken – always from the leftovers from the previous evening – transformed into sauces with olive oil, garlic and herbs from the garden.

If possible, buy local products . It tastes better and is better for the environment.

Speaking of these issues, Vivi di Gusto , a digital magazine by Carrefour, has been developing recipes and providing advice and suggestions in the kitchen for a few months. It is ideal for experimenting with new preparations, adding a pinch of creativity to your table, while maintaining simplicity both in browsing the magazine and in preparing recipes.

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