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Carrot sticks in the air fryer: one leads to another

carrots in the air fryer

Let's find out how to prepare carrots in an air fryer to get them crunchy and tasty using very little oil.

What a blessing the air fryer : thanks to it we can enjoy light, crunchy fried foods with little oil . But in addition to the classic chips, you can also prepare delicious carrots in the air fryer, perfect both as a side dish and as a tasty snack . In the simplest version they are seasoned with salt and parsley and can be served with sauces of your choice, just like chips.

The trick to getting crispy carrots from an air fryer is to cut them all the same size so they cook evenly . In addition to the classic sticks, you can also prepare carrot chips in an air fryer, equally crunchy and delicious. The important thing is to adjust the cooking times according to the size.

carrots in the air fryer
carrots in the air fryer

How to prepare carrots in an air fryer

  1. First, peel the carrots and remove the ends. Then cut them into sticks of half a centimeter on each side and 5-6 in length, just like chips.
  2. Transfer them to a bowl and season them with a spoonful of oil, a pinch of salt and a teaspoon of dried parsley. Mix well to distribute all the flavors.
  3. Transfer them to the basket of the air fryer and cook them at 190°C for 15 minutes , shaking the basket from time to time. Serve them hot.

The sliced ​​carrots in the air fryer will cook in a few minutes less and are well suited to be served as a snack. Also excellent is the idea of ​​cutting them very thin so as to obtain almost chips . Similarly, you can cook the pumpkin in an air fryer : a real treat!


To appreciate the crunchiness, we recommend enjoying freshly made air fryer carrots.

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