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Cashew (and basil) pesto

cashew pesto

How to prepare cashew and basil pesto, the vegan alternative to the classic Genoese pesto prepared with basil and grated cheeses!

Cashew pesto with oil, garlic and basil leaves is a perfect vegan sauce to spread on bread , to serve with dipped vegetables such as traditional oriental hummus and is also excellent for seasoning pasta. This sauce can be prepared in a very short time and given the presence of cashews it is also perfect for those who are lactic intolerant.

Excellent both raw and toasted , cashews, with their delicate flavour, are perfect for use in many sweet and savory preparations. Like walnuts and pine nuts they belong to the large dried fruit family, but unlike the latter they are little known. Cashews are rich in beneficial properties for the body: for example, they contain oleic acid , which is very useful for good heart health. These small fruits are also very rich in magnesium and other mineral salts such as phosphorus, zinc, copper, sodium, selenium, potassium and iron.

cashew pesto
cashew pesto

Preparation of cashew pesto with basil

  1. Gently wash the basil leaves then dry them using a clean cloth or a salad spinner.
  2. Place the leaves inside the mixer glass, add the oil and start blending.
  3. Then add the cashews, add salt and continue to blend until you obtain a creamy consistency .
  4. Use the pesto prepared following this recipe to taste.

Storage tips: the pesto prepared following this recipe can be stored in the refrigerator in a glass jar and well covered with seed or olive oil for up to 4-5 days.

For ever new variations, if you prefer you can simply replace the basil with rocket . Alternatively, we leave you many other recipes for making pesto !

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