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Cauliflower and pancetta pasta: a simple and tasty first course

Pasta with caovlfiore and bacon

If you are looking for a tasty and simple first course to prepare, you cannot fail to try the recipe for cauliflower and pancetta pasta.

Pasta with cauliflower and bacon, in addition to being the classic comfort food, is fully part of the quick and easy recipes that in their simplicity can amaze anyone , even the most demanding palates, transforming a simple dinner into a truly unforgettable moment . In addition to the classic preparation, we will also see how to prepare two tasty variations: one with the cauliflower cream, and the other instead simply replacing the bacon with bacon. But let’s find out together how to prepare this really tasty first course.

Pasta with caovlfiore and bacon
Pasta with caovlfiore and bacon

Preparing the recipe for pasta with cauliflower and bacon

  1. To prepare the pasta with cauliflower and sweet bacon, start by placing a pot with plenty of water on the stove in which you will then cook the pasta .
  2. Cut the cauliflower into cubes , after having thoroughly cleaned and washed it. It is important to remember that you can use either white or green cauliflower to make this recipe.
  3. Take a non-stick pan, put in a clove of garlic, the cauliflower and cover with water. Add a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and cook over moderate heat.
  4. As soon as the water has dried and the cauliflowers are well cooked, mash them with a fork to obtain a sort of coarse cream.
  5. Cut the bacon into cubes and add it to the cauliflower, letting it brown. Add a little cooking water from the pasta and finally add salt to taste.
  6. Serve the pasta still hot. You can add ground pepper after cooking to make your pasta with cauliflower and bacon sauce even tastier.

Pasta with cauliflower and bacon and pasta with cauliflower cream: the variants

If you want a creamier consistency , to make the pasta with cauliflower and bacon cream: just take the cauliflower and, instead of mashing it with a fork, blend it. Then there are those who do not particularly like pancetta and prefer bacon . In this case, all that remains is to replace the bacon with bacon and thus obtain the desired variant.


This dish can be kept in the fridge for one day and reheated the next day by adding a little water.

If you don’t particularly like meat, try the recipe for pasta with cauliflower .

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