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Change of season disorders: how to deal with them and overcome them

tired woman

The change of season brings about various ailments such as anxiety and tiredness. Let's find out which are the most common and how to deal with them.

Fatigue, anxiety, depression and insomnia are just some of the most frequent ailments associated with the change of season . Disturbances that are felt even more when temperatures change suddenly.
Fortunately there's no need to worry, because all the annoyances, a bit like after the time change, are resolved gradually. In any case, it is best to deal with them with some simple and natural remedies . To these we can then add behavioral norms capable of improving the quality of life.

Change of season: the most frequent disturbances

When the seasons change, mood and sleep disorders such as anxiety, depression, insomnia and drowsiness appear very frequently.
The fault lies with the change in temperatures, to which our body initially finds it difficult to get used to but which fortunately resolves itself rather quickly. So let's try to understand how to deal with the various problems that may arise one at a time in order to get back to having the usual sprint.

tired woman
tired woman

As for insomnia and the consequent drowsiness in the morning, the best way to deal with them is not to think too much about it and try to fall asleep half an hour earlier in the evening, setting the alarm clock half an hour earlier in the morning. During that time it can be useful to meditate or go for a run in order to recharge your batteries for the rest of the day. To reconcile sleep in the evening, however, in addition to avoiding naps during the day, herbal teas and supplements based on valerian and lemon balm can be useful, to which the classic rules of sleep hygiene can be added. First of all that of consuming light meals and not using electronic devices when in bed.

Obviously, among the typical problems of the change of season there are also anxiety and depression. And these need to be paid close attention to. Although they are almost always transient, it is therefore important to monitor their progress in order to ascertain whether it is really a transient problem or not. During this check, it may be useful to allow yourself at least an hour every day to do what you love most or to dedicate yourself to energizing activities such as sport , a walk outdoors or an aperitif to be consumed with friends. Taking action is in fact a great way to deal with it and recover as soon as possible. If after these attempts, the disturbance persists, the advice is instead to consult a psychologist. In this way it will be possible to act in time, understand what is wrong and find a solution to your problems.

Change of season and tiredness: the remedies

The most common symptom during the season change is tiredness. This can be so incisive as to prevent normal activities from being carried out. To avoid it, it may be useful to consume nutritious foods rich in vitamins and minerals, drink plenty and, if necessary, take supplements. Vitamin D, needless to say, is always the first to be recommended. Finally, the rule of sleeping at least eight hours a day always remains.

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