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Change of season: how to deal with the intestinal irregularity it brings

intestinal well-being

As the change of seasons approaches, we often focus on the threat of the flu, but there's another silent annoyance that can emerge during this climate transition: bowel irregularity.

It is essential to recognize that temperature fluctuations affect not only our immune system, but also the delicate balance of the digestive system.

In this way you will always have the opportunity to intervene carefully on the symptoms , thanks to products such as Imodium , or in a preventative manner, even with home solutions.

intestinal well-being

Because the change of season affects intestinal regularity

The arrival of the change of season involves many changes in our organism, with particular attention to the intestine, often underestimated but of crucial importance for our overall well-being.

This, in fact, is commonly considered a "secondary" organ, but in reality it plays a fundamental role in the general balance of the body. The seasonal transition, in addition to regulating circadian rhythms, also influences thermoregulation and sun exposure , variables that directly impact our digestive system.

Nutrition and hydration become key elements in this dynamic context, in which it becomes essential to carry out careful self-listening, especially with regards to food and habits.

One of the key steps is precisely the diversification of foods , to support intestinal balance, paying attention to what we eat and what our reactions are: there are, in fact, foods that can be more difficult for us to digest and in this period it is It's best not to abuse it , so as not to overload the body's work.

How to solve the problem

To address the problem of intestinal irregularity linked to the change of season there are different approaches that we can appeal to.

First, experts recommend the potentially "therapeutic" use of probiotics , recognized to improve intestinal microbiota activity and strengthen the immune system.

Some supplements can be taken preventively, to begin to strengthen our body: in this case, the advice is to start taking them approximately three weeks before the change of season.

In addition to the intake of probiotics, it is also essential to adopt a lifestyle that is healthy and respectful of our needs. We must therefore start with a correct diet , rich in fruit, vegetables, whole grains, fish and eggs.

It is also very important to hydrate properly to support intestinal activity. If it is difficult to remember to drink often, you can easily help yourself with smoothies, herbal teas and natural extracts such as milk thistle and turmeric.

Physical activity , included in daily habits, also helps reduce stress and improve physical conditions, in terms of well-being and body care.

For those looking for a more specific approach, there are finally targeted formulas of supplements to deal with the change of season based on the symptoms present.

Among the available solutions, Imodium emerges as an effective choice to combat diarrhea, thanks to its active ingredient, loperamide , which slows down intestinal contractions.

In conclusion

The change of season not only puts a strain on our immune system but can also trigger annoying intestinal disorders . Recognizing the importance of this organ as a hub of well-being is crucial to successfully address this climate transition.

It is essential to implement some wellness practices, such as following a healthy lifestyle , enriched with probiotics and a balanced diet . In this context, therefore, Imodium presents itself as a targeted solution, capable of offering rapid and effective relief.

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