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Charming, glamorous and sexy: Elodie’s most beautiful looks


Her singles immediately become catchphrases, her looks are a continuous inspiration to follow the trends of the moment: that's why Elodie is glam!

If we were to think of the most international Italian cantata of all, the thought could only go directly and immediately to Elodie. Singer, model and actress, she conquers not only for the magnetism of her gaze and for her desire to get involved, but also for her constantly changing aesthetic taste. From the androgynous charm a few years ago, very sensual today, Elodie likes to change, always following the trends of the moment with particular attention: this is why her looks are a continuous inspiration. While waiting to find out which look he will have chosen to interpret his Sanremo song Due , let's review the most beautiful looks with which he has been able to enchant us.

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