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Cherries: 10 recipes you absolutely must try!

Cherry pie

Cherries are a wonderful gift of nature, characterized by a fleshy texture and a strong flavor that can range from sweet to slightly acidic. Here are the best recipes with cherries to prepare easy, fantastic and perfect desserts for any occasion at home.

Recipes with cherries
Recipes with cherries

Today we begin a wonderful journey to discover the best recipes with cherries. These small fruits, red and rounded , are loved by everyone: think that Italy is among the first producers in the world, both in terms of quality and for the many different quantities that can be found! Fleshy texture, strong taste and with notes that can vary from sweet to sour: cherries are a real gift from nature , and in addition to being delicious they are also good for you, thanks to the vitamins and mineral salts they contain!

The best recipes with cherries

As we said, these small, round- shaped fruits are so good that once they are picked, one would want to eat them and never stop. But if you aren't greedy and have a little patience, you can prepare many delicious recipes based on cherries. What do you say, shall we begin? Then follow us in the kitchen !

1. Cherry jam
2. Cherries in alcohol
3. Cherries in syrup
4. Cherry pie
5. Tart
6. Clafoutis
7. Cherry liqueur
8. Cherry mascarpone cups
9. Mousses
10. Brownies

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