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Cherries in alcohol: how are they made?

Cherries Under Spirit

Cherries in alcohol: a very simple preparation, for a preserve to be enjoyed all year round. Aromatic and tasty, this is how they are made!

Today we are preparing a proper preserve : cherries in alcohol. A recipe with a very ancient history, but always current which is also one of the simplest preservation techniques. They are perfect if you want to enjoy this summer fruit even during the cold months, as a digestive meal or to decorate desserts and creams. But keep in mind that they are very alcoholic and not suitable for little ones.

With the same recipe you can also prepare black cherries in alcohol, the fruit of the sour cherry tree. The preparation is the same, but the taste is slightly different as black cherries are less sweet: let's see the recipe for cherries in alcohol!

Cherries Under Spirit
Cherries Under Spirit

Preparation of cherries in alcohol

The preparation is really simple , but the choice of cherries is very important: they must be firm, perfectly intact, ripe and without bruises .

  1. Put water and sugar on the heat and bring to the boil, stirring often, then lower the heat.
  2. Stir constantly until the sugar has dissolved completely and your syrup has taken on a transparent color . Be careful to keep the heat low and don't leave the liquid on the stove for too long, otherwise the sugar will caramelize (or, worse yet, burn).
  3. Remove the syrup from the heat and let it cool and, in the meantime, wash and dry the fruit delicately. Cut the final part of the stem, leaving it about 1 cm long and arrange the cherries in a couple of glass jars.
  4. Add half a cinnamon stick to each jar and, if desired, also a few cloves to make your cherries in alcohol even more aromatic and good.
  5. Now add the alcohol to the syrup (which will have cooled in the meantime), mix well and then pour the mixture over the cherries, taking care to fill the jar to the brim (to prevent the fruit from oxidising or mouldering).
  6. Close the jars airtight and wait a couple of months before eating them.

And here is a video recipe to prepare them:

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How to preserve cherries in alcohol

Before you can taste them, wait about 2 months: place them in a cool, dry pantry and consume them within 1 year. To remind you when you prepared them, before putting them away, attach labels with the date of creation .

If you notice mold , then something has gone wrong: throw everything away.

The longer the fruits remain in the spirit, the stronger and more aromatic (and alcoholic!) their taste will be.

Some maintain that the jars, since there is alcohol involved, should not be sterilized. Our advice is to sterilize them anyway: it takes a few minutes and it's all in the win.

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