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Cherries in sugar: a very simple technique to preserve them

Cherries in sugar

Preserving cherries in sugar is one of the many ways to make them. However, it is undoubtedly one of the simplest techniques.

When the cherry season arrives, one immediately realizes that it doesn't last long. The solution could therefore be to find new ways to preserve its flavor for as long as possible, ideally until the following year. But how? A great way is cherries in sugar, a really simple recipe to make. It takes very little to prepare them. Think that the only ingredients needed are cherries and sugar . However, you will have to be patient and let the jars exposed to the sun transform the sugar into a delicious syrup. You will be amazed at how much you can do without using special techniques and using only the heat of the sun!

Cherries in sugar
Cherries in sugar

How to prepare cherries in sugar with the simple recipe

  1. First, wash the cherries thoroughly and keep only the prettiest fruit. As always, in fact, when it comes to preserves it is very important to choose high quality raw materials.
  2. Then remove the stem with scissors, leaving about 1 cm of it.
  3. Transfer the well-dried cherries into sterilized glass jars forming a first layer which you will then cover with sugar .
  4. Continue alternating sugar and cherries until the jar is filled, then close with an airtight cap.
  5. Put the jars in the sun (better if exposed to the south) and leave them there for 40 days , day and night.
  6. Your jars of cherries are ready to be placed in the pantry.

Alternatively, we advise you to prepare the cherries in spirit , certainly faster to prepare and excellent to serve as a coffee killer.


These cherries will keep for over 6 months in the pantry . They are excellent on their own, with ice cream or to enrich other sweet recipes. To you the choice!

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