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Chicken salad with mayonnaise – simple and tasty

Chicken salad and mayonnaise

A simple dish to prepare and tasty to eat: chicken salad with mayonnaise can be both a single course and a second course.

Chicken salad with mayonnaise is a tasty and simple dish to cook, useful when you don't have much time because it can be prepared in advance, as is the case with many summer dishes. Chicken is a type of meat whose tenderness does not change even if it is not eaten immediately and which keeps well even several hours after preparation.

Mayonnaise is the ingredient capable of making chicken salad tastier: you can also prepare it at home or in case of lack of time, buy it directly ready at the supermarket. We leave you our recipe for preparing homemade mayonnaise : if it's handmade there's more taste !

Chicken salad and mayonnaise
Chicken salad and mayonnaise

Preparation of chicken salad with mayonnaise

  1. To prepare your salad, start by boiling the chicken, draining it and then fraying it or cutting it into cubes. Let it cool in a bowl. Alternatively, just grill it on a hot plate or pan.
  2. Once cold , add the carrots cut into julienne strips, the black olives and the rocket and, at your discretion, also some finely chopped salad.
  3. Keep in the fridge for as long as necessary: ​​just before serving, add the mayonnaise and serve. Enjoy your cold chicken salad.

The chicken salad with mayonnaise is ready: you just have to remember to consume it within a couple of days at the latest . If you want something more substantial, add some boiled potatoes : the chicken and potato salad will be delicious!

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