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Chronic urticaria: what it is and how to counter it

chronic urticaria

Chronic urticaria is a constant condition that, instead of lasting a few hours, lasts for several weeks.

When we talk about chronic urticaria we mean persistent urticaria that can last even more than six weeks . In other cases, this term is used to indicate a problem that, while regressing, tends to recur continuously. So let's find out more by going back to the possible causes and solutions.

Various types of hives possible

If chronic urticaria is defined as a disorder that generally lasts longer than six weeks, there are other terms to somehow indicate the possible causes.

chronic urticaria
chronic urticaria

Acute urticaria, for example, unlike papular urticaria is linked to the intake of drugs or food and tends to last less. Idiopathic urticaria, on the other hand, indicates that the cause is unknown.

Going to chronic urticaria and the most known causes, these are precisely linked to possible allergic reactions to drugs and foods, to stress, to parasites , to insect bites, to change in climate, to stress, to sunlight, to the cycle. , etc … Finally, by nocturnal urticaria, we mean instead the one that occurs mostly at night or in the morning and which regress without complications.

Symptoms of chronic urticaria

Recognizing hives is quite simple as it tends to appear with red and usually itchy wheals. As for the points where they occur, these can vary from time to time and spread throughout the body. In most cases, they fade on their own after weeks. In rarer cases, however, it is possible that after a few days the symptoms worsen, leading to fever and malaise . If this happens it is essential to contact your doctor immediately. In some cases, in fact, it is possible that it is anaphylactic shock.

In any case, the diagnosis is usually made by anamnesis by the doctor who will try to reconstruct the causes in order to rule out more serious diseases. If in doubt, the doctor will recommend allergy tests aimed at understanding the causes of urticaria. Once this is done, he will prescribe any antihistamines , cortisones or other types of drugs aimed at reducing the symptoms of urticaria. And, in more difficult cases, a low histamine diet may be indicated.

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