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Ciambotta in the air fryer

ciambotta in an air fryer

Using all the summer vegetables par excellence you can prepare an excellent ciambotta in an air fryer. That's how.

Ciambotta, also known as ciabotta, is a vegetable side dish typical of various areas of Italy whose preparation usually requires a lot of oil. To prepare the ciambotta in an air fryer instead, like all the recipes that involve cooking in this versatile appliance, very little will be enough.

We made the ciambotta in the air fryer using seasonal vegetables during the summer, just as tradition dictates. Specifically, you will need aubergines, peppers, courgettes, potatoes and cherry tomatoes. The result is a tasty side dish perfect to accompany meat, fish or cheese dishes. In short, every occasion is good to prepare it!

ciambotta in an air fryer
ciambotta in an air fryer

How to prepare the ciambotta recipe in an air fryer

  1. First, let the eggplant purge . Cut it into 1 cm slices and put them in a colander, salting each slice with coarse salt.
  2. Meanwhile, prepare the other vegetables. After having washed the pepper and courgette, cut the former into half-centimetre strips and the latter into slices , again about half a centimeter thick.
  3. Cut the tomatoes in half if they are very small or in four and slice the onion not too thinly.
  4. Combine all the vegetables in a bowl, add the peeled potatoes cut into rather thin wedges, the capers and season with the oil, mixing well so that it is distributed.
  5. Transfer the vegetables to the basket of the air fryer and cook them at 200°C for 25 minutes , stirring occasionally. The ciambotta is ready when the potatoes are tender.

If you are looking for another easy summer side dish to prepare in an air fryer then here is our recipe for peperonata : it is nothing short of delicious!


Ciambotta can be kept for 2-3 days in the refrigerator and you can enjoy it either at room temperature or after heating it.

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