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Clothes to rent: the most used Italian sites and apps


Ceremony, upcoming event or simply the desire to change your wardrobe? Renting is the compromise to save money and support the planet

It's not the first time we've talked to you about clothes rental: from clothing to accessories, especially for the it-bag chapter, the phenomenon began to grow more and more during the pandemic period, when going out was not possible or it depended on the color of the areas , but with an increasingly sustainable direction and sensitive to environmental issues in any case albeit slowly, this experience would become fashionable.

If Vinted has made it possible to sell what we no longer wear, rental apps have widened the wardrobe and decreased the risk of buying and forgetting a dress that someone else would have worn in the wardrobe. And if under the item rent clothes now there are those who add designer, wedding, formal wear – just do a quick google search – it means that the aforementioned phenomenon is on the rise and relying on Italian apps and sites certainly generates that extra trust for turn the event into a habit.

Clothes rental with Revest

A site whose slogan has exactly what those who have just decided to rent want to hear, Why buy. Why Sell, Rent or Why sell. Why buy. Rent: it's called Revest and offers the rental of branded clothes and accessories, from McQueen to Atelier Versace to name just a few, but also based on your need of the moment, whether it's an office suit or an elegant ceremonial dress.

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And if you are the one who wants to make room in the wardrobe, you can also become a Revester and propose your high fashion clothes to the platform , filling in a product sheet and taking photos. A dedicated team will update you on the status of the suit, if accepted and in the case of the renter, turning your suit into a small business.

The Paac, Hesse, Sisterly: the other platforms for renting clothes and bags

Behind the practice of renting there is naturally also a strong passion for fashion and its trends, and it is on these wishes to be fulfilled even for just one day that The Paac platform plays, focusing on the idea of ​​an unlimited wardrobe which with the rental will manage not to burst our closet. It is a site that offers two formulas, rental by subscription or by occasion , they give away vouchers for purchases and even the possibility of having a stylist who follows us.

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Hesse is an Italian service but can only be used in Milan , this is because the app's goal is to make fashion retail logistics sustainable too . Its use is very simple: you register, choose the dress and wear it for as long as you want, paying a fraction of the rental price every 30 days. If you then fall in love with it, once the redemption time has expired with the subscription active, the dress becomes yours.

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Sisterly, on the other hand, is an app dedicated only to it-bags, certainly among the most desired and most tempting accessories, because everyone would like to wear an iconic luxury bag even just for one day. In the specific case it is a peer-to-peer , ie the rental agreement takes place with a lender to whom you submit an offer. If he accepts it, you will receive your bag to show off for the entire rental period. You too can contribute to the it-bag wardrobe by proposing your bags and waiting for offers. The Sisterly team will guide you through the procedure.

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