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Coccygodynia: what it is, what are the symptoms and treatments

coccyx pain

Coccygodynia is a problem affecting the bone at the base of the spine. Let's find out why it comes and how to cure it.

When we talk about coccygodynia we mean an intense and often limiting pain that is felt in the coccyx area. Depending on the extent to which it presents , it may require only a few days of rest, physiotherapy or, in extremely rare cases, surgery. Let's find out, therefore, how to recognize it from the first symptoms and what you need to know to treat it in the best possible way.

Why does coccydynia come

The causes of coccygodynia are varied and are mostly related to daily activities.
From accidental injuries , to injuries in the tailbone area to pregnancy, there are so many reasons why pain in the tailbone area can occur.

coccyx pain
coccyx pain

Even having bad posture, sitting for a long time or going to foods often can lead to inflammation or problems in that regard. In much rarer cases, pain in the coccyx can indicate a tumor or go completely unnoticed. For this reason, if the discomfort persists even after the first treatments, it is always better to consult your doctor in order to obtain a diagnosis and the most suitable treatment for it.

How to recognize coccydynia

The symptoms of coccygodynia are usually painful and related to the coccyx area. It is a stinging pain that increases when you sit or make efforts involving the area. Pain in the buttocks and back pain can also be associated with pain in the coccyx . While in some people, this malaise can generate anxiety or depression due to the difficulty in sleeping.

Therefore, once the symptoms have been identified, if the first do-it-yourself treatments do not lead to the solution of the problem, it is important to contact the doctor to obtain pharmacological or other treatment.

How to relieve tailbone pain

If the coccyx problem is caused by bad posture or prolonged stress on the area, it may be useful to take a few days of rest and add hot baths, and alternating hot and cold compresses on the area. By correcting your posture, using special cushions to stay in the right position while sitting and avoiding efforts, the problem often subsides within a few days.

When this does not happen, it is important to hear from the treating doctor in order to obtain a more precise diagnosis and go and intervene in a more precise way.
The same is true if the pain is very severe and associated with constipation, pain in other areas of the body and difficulty moving.

Remedies for coccydynia

Home remedies can be added (always after a visit to the doctor) of drugs that can relieve pain. In more extreme cases , the doctor may also prescribe corticosteroids and local anesthetics. Depending on the cause of the problem, physiotherapy to be associated (in some cases) with tecar waves or magnetotherapy may also be useful. Even massages can give relief , especially if associated with hot baths.

Finally, as already anticipated, in more serious (and fortunately rare) cases, surgical treatment may prove indispensable. This will of course only be suggested by your doctor if all else fails.

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