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Cocoa beans: properties and how to use them in the kitchen

cocoa beans

Cocoa beans, also known as fruttu degli Dei, are known for their many properties. Let's find out which are the most important.

Who doesn't like cocoa? This food which, when it is in the dark version is also rich in beneficial properties, comes from the less known but very precious cocoa beans.
These are small grains derived from pods and known since ancient times. Because of their benefits, in fact, they have been used for centuries to improve the quality of life and give greater balance to the body.
Cocoa beans, in fact, boast various properties including antioxidant, stimulant and antidepressant properties. Let's find out more and immerse ourselves in their magical and delicious world.

All the properties of cocoa beans

When we talk about the cocoa bean we mean the dried and completely fermented seed of the plant better known as Theobroma cacao . Inside its fruits, called precisely pods , inside a whitish pulp there are from twenty to eighty seeds.

cocoa beans
cocoa beans

The taste is definitely more bitter than the usual dark chocolate bar we all know and love to eat. Yet in terms of nutritional properties, the health of our body has everything to gain. Cocoa beans are in fact the very source of all the beneficial properties of chocolate.

First of all , they are known to be excellent antioxidants thanks to the rich presence of polyphenols (more in raw ones than in toasted ones). Then, they have anti-inflammatory and stimulating properties, thanks to the caffeine and theobromine content. These substances also help to raise concentration and reduce the feeling of fatigue.

Thanks to the presence of substances such as biogenic amines, cocoa beans also act as natural antidepressants and anti-stress . Their ability on the central nervous system is that of a general elevation of mood as well as the improvement of cognitive functions . Finally, as well as cocoa in general, they are a precious source of vitamin D.

In summary, therefore, the properties of cocoa beans are as follows:

– Stimulate the immune system
– They increase concentration
– They are rich in vitamin D
– They lift the mood
– They help relieve stress
– They are anti-inflammatory
They give energy
– They are good for the skin
– They increase blood circulation
– They are among the antidepressant foods
– They satiate easily
– They are rich in fiber
– They counteract ageing
– They protect against the onset of certain diseases

All reasons to fully enjoy them and take advantage of their goodness and well-being that they give in an extremely natural way.

Raw or roasted cocoa beans, the various uses

The so-called "fruits of the gods", so called by the most ancient pre-Columbian civilizations, have multiple uses and are subject to processing to be used in the food, beauty and pharmaceutical sectors. As for the culinary world, they can be eaten raw or toasted , or reduced to powder in order to obtain the classic cocoa bar, milk or dark.

To get the maximum benefits , we recommend eating raw grains, always in moderation to avoid the onset of side effects such as migraine, constipation or high caloric intake !
Furthermore, since these are very bitter seeds, it can be really difficult to eat them alone. For this reason it is really important to consume it together with other foods. Any examples? They turn out to be excellent in a fruit salad, grated to accompany a cream and, in general, with foods that dampen their bitterness.

These fruits of the Gods, however, are not only good to eat. In fact, they are precious ingredients that are also valid for beauty . Some studies show, in fact, that it is enough to consume them for a few days to be able to count on more elastic skin and greater blood circulation.

How many cocoa beans to eat

Cocoa beans are obviously high in calories. For this reason the recommended amount to stay on the line and enjoy their benefits at the same time is five per day.
Although they have no contraindications, they should be avoided if you often suffer from migraines or suffer from hypertension. And this even if some studies have shown that dark chocolate if consumed in the right way can help fight it . Obviously, they are also to be avoided if you are allergic to nickel. Reason why, in case of doubts it is always good to ask your doctor.

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