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Cocooning and CashDenim: the new ways of Loro Piana cashmere

White wool sweater

The discreet luxury of Loro Piana develops an outdoor loungewear line and bets on exclusive materials

When you think of winter clothing, the first among the warm and soft fabrics you can rely on is undoubtedly cashmere: to be worn inside or outside the home, Loro Piana thus creates a loungewear collection that is perfect for winter and that to convey that warm and reassuring sensation of the precious fiber, takes the name of Cocooning . Always synonymous with quality and minimal luxury, the brand that since 2013 has been absorbed by the French giant LVMH has created a collection where cashmere and its variations are the absolute protagonists.

Loro Piana Cocooning: light, sophisticated and comfy garments inside and outside the home

Elegance, class, lightness: the Cocooning line by Loro Piana interprets a sophisticated dress code that focuses on essential pieces. The cashmere hooded sweatshirt, sweaters and ribbed turtlenecks are just some of the garments in which to get lost and gently wrap the body, together with wide pants in the pantapalazzo style that reproduce in a chic version that comfy line that we loved so much. The idea is that of a versatile and comfortable dress code, which meets the need to wear the highest quality fabrics inside and outside the home.

A need for comfort and refinement that is also expressed in the underwear line, which more than any other garment takes even more care of our body, especially in winter. The strength of this collection therefore lies in the choice of natural and precious fibers of the highest quality, such as baby cashmere yarn, cashmere jersey or cashmere-silk blend. The perfect colors to express available in a clear palette of white, cream, beige and powder pink. There are even special accessories, such as the cashmere knitted hot water bottle. Prices start from 220 euros for socks to 2700 euros for mxi cardigans.

Cashmere Denim: the exclusive innovative Loro Piana material

However, if the Cocooning line represents a strong link with the Loro Piana textile tradition, the real novelty in the world of cashmere is CashDenim : a luxurious and innovative material developed by Japanese artisans from the Bingo region (Okayama and Hiroshima) and specialized in the production of selvedge denim. It is a fabric made up of 60% denim and 40% cashmere.

It is obtained by mixing the indigo-dyed denim yarn warp and the undyed cashmere fiber weft; everything is then slowly woven on old looms, an instrument that has almost fallen into disuse. Requiring a long process that takes almost half a day, the exclusivity of the collection is also given by the production of only two pieces: a high-waisted jeans and a jacket with patch pockets for the fall / winter 2022-2023 collection.

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