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Cod with potatoes

cod with potatoes

Preparing cod with potatoes is not difficult and thanks to the skilful combination of flavors the result is excellent.

Cod is one of those ingredients that we tend to use little, considering it too time consuming to work with and difficult to cook. In reality this could have been considered at least partly true until supermarkets made our lives easier by selling desalted and soaked cod, therefore ready for use. It is with this that we will prepare the cod with potatoes, a tasty second course and perfect for special occasions.

The recipe, as well as simple, is also very tasty thanks to the addition of olives . However, there are different variations of the dish, more or less rich. For example, some include the addition of cherry tomatoes which give flavor and colour. But let's see the steps for a basic recipe.

cod with potatoes
cod with potatoes

How to prepare the cod with potatoes recipe

  1. First, cut the cod into pieces of about 2-3 cm on each side and coat them in flour.
  2. Slice the onion and brown it in a pan with the oil, then add the cod and brown it on both sides too. Be careful adding salt as it may not be necessary.
  3. Peel the potatoes and cut them into 1cm slices and place them in the pan together with the cod and black olives. If you want at this stage you can also add some cherry tomatoes.
  4. Pour about a glass of broth (or hot water) and leave to cook for 40 minutes. At the end of cooking, both the fish and the potatoes should be tender, to achieve this result you can add more hot water or broth as needed (if the fish gets too dry).
  5. Complete with ground pepper, salt if necessary and a little freshly chopped parsley.

Among the other recipes with cod, we recommend you also try the Vicenza-style version: it's delicious!


Cod and potatoes will keep in the refrigerator, closed in an airtight container, for up to 2 days .

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