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Comfy and practical: long live wide trousers, save looks for every occasion

Women's pants

For those days when you need a cocoon mood and more, the perfect women's wardrobe includes baggy trousers

Bootcut, palazzo, oversize, flare and extraflare, many definitions and different shades that can enrich our collection of wide trousers. Their merit? That of being very comfortable, versatile and timeless thanks to their multifaceted ability to change and reinvent themselves in step with the times, but above all because unlike a pair of skinnies we know that they will never make us suffer. With a pair of ankle boots, moccasins, flats, pumps are the must have we need to know we can count on a different style every time, from the simplest to the most elegant and sophisticated, thanks to different cuts, fits and fabrics.

Elegant wide trousers: when and how to match them, from the office to your free time

High-waisted, palazzo and flare trousers are extremely comfortable thanks to a soft and enveloping fit from the navel to the bottom combined with the wide leg: they are the perfect model for those who want to be elegant, slim their height and focus on platform shoes such as ankle boots, combat boots and Mary Janes or even simply a classic moccasin.

Autumn velvet trousers
Autumn velvet trousers

The wide palazzo trousers are straight and as the name suggests they have a wide and defined leg: they are the perfect model to wear to the office, whether the context requires a formal look, thus focusing on a blazer and shirt, or whether the environment is more fresh, dynamic and relaxed. In the latter case, even a sweatshirt or a t-shirt will be perfect, to be worn with a cardigan in winter or a gilet in summer.

elephant paw pants women's ankle boots
elephant paw pants women's ankle boots

Jeans, cotton, fleece, jersey, velvet are the fabrics to wear every day, while models with refined and precious patterns or in silk, better to reserve them for special occasions or for an evening outing.

The casual models in overalls and the classics in cotton at ankle height

During the pandemic period they have been our best friends, almost always in pendant with a sweatshirt and a shirt because the suit became our best friend. However, we have not forgotten the comfyness of that period, on the contrary it brought a further revival of street style to the catwalk and collections and therefore the baggy fleece trousers are praised.

From sport to leisure, they are the undisputed last minute model that will allow you to make yourself credible when you say ten minutes and no. Perfect with a pair of sneakers but with a pair of combat boots you can focus on a less sporty effect and even reinvent them for an after-gym aperitif.

And in summer, the straight and classic model that reaches the ankle never sets, which we can find in cotton or even in very fresh linen. A perfect model to wear with sporty-chic shoes or with a pair of Positano fashion flip-flops, to be worn in a casual or elegant version, also revisited in cargo and oversized fits.

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