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Comfy and vintage on the beach: the revenge of the high-waisted bikini

High-waisted floral costume

The nostalgia effect can also be felt on the beach, with the return of high-waisted bikinis that slender and pamper the silhouette

The low waist is back strongly in our wardrobe but in the beachwear universe in truth it has never left: laces, crosses, rings at the hips and essential fit the low waist briefs defends itself well this year too, but it is undeniable that in the new collections must deal with high-waisted models. Just as for some time we have loved mom fit jeans and high-waisted culottes, in the same way the high-waisted briefs prove to be the most comfortable and desired of this summer 2022 , in which fashion loves to dive in small doses in the summers of the years passed.

High-waisted bikini, the swimsuit that slims the silhouette: who is fine with it

Why have these models with a vintage flavor gradually begun to conquer and invade the beachwear collections? There is certainly a desire to return to breathe the lightness of the summers of the 50s and therefore also rediscover the lines and design, which are updated according to current trends: here is therefore a double choice, on the one hand the briefs. comfortable and comfortable with a high waist like the one worn on the beaches by divas like Sofia Loren, Brigitte Bardot, Ingrid Bergman and on the other hand a more sexy and high-cut version with a Brazilian cut.

Another reason why these swimsuits are particularly popular is because in addition to being comfortable and enveloping, they also slim the silhouette and therefore look good on everyone. To love them even more will be the petit, who even on the beach will be able to count on a garment that enhances the shapes and at the same time elevates the figure in height. In addition, with the underwear trend that goes crazy these high-waisted briefs can also be a valid alternative to the classic briefs to show off

Tezenis, Calzedonia, Amazon, low cost models

If you want not to miss the trend of the moment, you are undecided on the models to buy and maybe it is the first time you are betting on a model like this, you can start by choosing a low cost model. Tezenis , for example, focuses on particularly high-cut models, with a minimal texture but super trendy colors such as lilac : if you loved it among your must-have items of the season, you will also love it on the beach!

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Among the trendiest and most original models, the high-waisted briefs embellished with a ring is one of the most seductive of the new Calzedonia collection: available in black or light blue, the Abu Dhabi model can be worn with suspenders or band and is currently discounted. And for those who really want to take a dip in retro models, with classic high briefs and bandeau bra, with some trendy details, floral models and with paisley or polka dot patterns are available on Amazon .

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