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Conjunctival hyperemia: what it is and how it is treated the eye disorder

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What is conjunctival hyperemia? It is a rather common disease, even if few know its name: let's see causes, symptoms and treatment.

Although many are unaware of this disorder, so much so that they may have developed it and do not realize it, conjunctival hyperemia is quite common. It affects the inner part of the eye and primarily causes redness and tearing. Let's see why it is unleashed, what the symptoms are and what to do to heal.

Conjunctival hyperemia: symptoms and causes

Conjunctival hyperaemia is a fairly common disorder, although few know its technical name. As the name suggests, it affects the eye, causing tearing and redness . Sometimes, swelling and burning are also added to the symptoms mentioned. Before going into the details, it should be noted that, in most cases, this is not a serious problem. Conjunctival hyperemia has different causes . The most common are:

  • eye inflammation, of bacterial or viral origin;
  • allergies;
  • conjunctivitis;
  • dry eye;
  • foreign bodies present in the conjunctiva;
  • fatigue.

As for the symptoms , as already mentioned, the most common are: red eyes, burning and tearing. Discomfort occurs mainly in the morning upon waking up or in the evening, but troubles are not excluded even during the day.

Ocular hyperemia: what to do?

In the presence of conjunctival injection, another technical term for hyperemia, the doctor will decide on the most suitable treatment. In most cases, the problem will disappear after one / two days, with a little simple rest . In some situations, however, the help of decongestant eye drops or artificial tears will be necessary. Remember that if your eyes are red following a domestic accident or due to a foreign body, it is good to seek the advice of a specialist immediately.

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