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Conjunctivitis and treatment: everything you need to know

conjunctivitis and treatment

Let's find out everything there is to know about conjunctivitis and treatment. From symptoms to the first remedies to be implemented.

When it comes to conjunctivitis and treatment that can solve it quickly, it is always very important to start from the assumption that in most eyes, this problem occurs due to external stimulation or allergies . For this reason it is a lot to learn to distinguish occasional conjunctivitis from a recurring one in order to be alert and look for possible causes for the second option.
In any case, it is always important to find quick remedies for conjunctivitis in the eye, in order to eliminate any possible discomfort.

Symptoms and causes of conjunctivitis

Faced with a sudden conjunctivitis, the first causes to be considered are usually those of the bacterial type. In fact, the problem is very likely to arise in the presence of viruses and infections.

conjunctivitis and treatment
conjunctivitis and treatment

In other cases, the problem may arise from irritation in turn caused by rubbing or by foreign bodies in the eye. And, never to forget, there are also the causes related to possible allergies that it is always good to recognize in order not to make the problem chronic.

That said, there are symptoms that help you quickly recognize conjunctivitis. Among the most common are redness of the eyes, increased tearing , discomfort in keeping one or both eyes open, swollen eyelids, sensitivity to light, itching and blurred vision.
In their presence it is always very important to contact your doctor in order to look for both the causes and the right therapy.

How to cure conjunctivitis

For conjunctivitis, therapy usually depends on the cause. For the infectious one, for example, an observation period can be implemented as in most cases it returns spontaneously. If this does not happen, you can switch to antibiotic eye drops that can solve the problem.

For allergic ones, antihistamines and anti-inflammatories are valuable while for those caused by the use of contact lenses, it is often enough to avoid using them or use artificial tears or eye drops.
In any case, the most important choice is to investigate in order to find out the actual causes. Only in this way will it be possible to better cure the problem and hope to prevent it from recurring in the future.

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