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Cooking chestnuts in an air fryer is possible and the benefits are many!

Chestnuts in air fryer

Here's how to make chestnuts cooked in an air fryer and all the advantages that this cooking method brings.

Incredible but true, with the air fryer you can also prepare tasty roasted chestnuts. Its cooking method proceeds thanks to the action of air, so it can be better compared to a convection oven. What is certain is that in the deep fryer, this tasty food is cooked to perfection: you will love chestnuts in an air fryer. Furthermore, this new cooking method is very fast, so it also involves less waste of electricity .

By cooking roasted chestnuts in this appliance you can avoid soaking them previously . Usually, we soak the chestnuts that are drier, to make the peel come off more easily. By preparing them in this way, you can peel them in record time , even if they are not soaked. Another advantage is definitely the soft consistency of the final result. So, let's not waste time and see how to make chestnuts in an air fryer.

Chestnuts in air fryer
Chestnuts in air fryer

Preparing the recipe for chestnuts in an air fryer

  1. As already mentioned, for this cooking it is not necessary to soak the chestnuts. If you see that they are too dry, you can still decide to keep them in the water for 30 minutes.
  2. Before starting, take a good look at the skins and discard any fruit that has lesions or holes; if you put them to soak, discard those that immediately float to the surface.
  3. At this point, take a suitable small knife or one with a fairly sharp blade and make a horizontal cut on the rounded part of the chestnut. If you prefer, you can also make a cross cut.
  4. Once ready, distribute them in the fryer basket, arranging them in a single row and without overlapping them. Remember not to overfill the basket.
  5. Cook at 180 ° C for 15 minutes , but remove and shake the pan halfway through cooking to turn them. If the fruits are very large, you can also continue for up to 20 minutes.
  6. After cooking, turn them off and wrap them in a clean, dry cloth. Leave them wrapped for 5 minutes , then it will be easier to peel them.
  7. After these minutes, you can serve them and enjoy them immediately, putting into practice the advice on how to peel chestnuts easily .


Once you have discovered how to make roasted chestnuts in an air fryer, you can use this lightning-fast recipe to prepare them anytime you feel like eating them. To enjoy them in the following days, let them cool wrapped in the cloth, immediately after cooking them, then store them in a food bag .

Another quick and easy method involves cooking chestnuts in the microwave .

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