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Coppery degradé: the nuances recall the sun’s rays

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The coppery degradé allows you to choose between shades that recall the natural reflections of the sun on the hair: here are the most popular shades.

Are you thinking of doing a coppery degrade? Excellent choice, both for the technique and for the coloring . In fact, many shades can be created on the coppery tones, which recall the natural reflections of sunlight on the hair. Let's see which are the most popular shades.

Coppery degradé: the nuances

The coppery degradè gives the hair a really cool foliage effect . As with all other hair colors, many shades can be obtained with this technique. Obviously, we always start from the original base. If, for example, you have particularly dull dark hair, you can focus on a dark coppery degradé that gives thickness to the hair, with warmer shades towards the ends.

For a coppery-blonde degradè , on the other hand, you can choose from all the warmer shades, which give an extremely natural, almost imperceptible touch. The extra touch? Select many thick strands for the dye, which alternate with those that remain natural.

If desired, you can also opt for a golden coppery degradè, choosing to dye thinner strands, perhaps accentuating the nuance on the ends. This coloring is particularly suitable for those who have rapid regrowth problems.

Degradé coppery long or short hair: the effect is always so cool

The copper degradé is perfect for both short and long hair. This technique, unlike many other treatments, knows no limits. It works well on all hair types, not just the length. Even if they are curly or straight, the final effect is always just wow. Obviously, an expert hair stylist must carry out the degradé , otherwise you risk damaging the hair.

The coppery-red degradè can be enriched with soft and nuanced contrasts, with the ends more intense than the rest of the hair. By making thin strands you can reproduce the natural effect of the reflections of the sun. If the hair is brown, beautiful strands of different shades of copper can be done.

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