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Corrective gymnastics: exercises that resolve or alleviate musculoskeletal problems

pelvic floor exercises

Corrective gymnastics, in the presence of musculoskeletal problems, can really make a difference: that's when it's recommended.

Especially recommended when there are musculoskeletal problems or incorrect postures, corrective gymnastics can be performed by both children and adults. Before exercising, regardless of the problem you have, it is advisable to visit a specialist because, in the presence of certain pathologies, you can risk making the situation worse.

Corrective gymnastics: what is it for?

Corrective gymnastics, as the name suggests, is used to correct or alleviate bone malformations or behavioral errors. Posture does not depend only on physical characteristics, but also on some attitudes, even emotional ones. Some body positions, if maintained for a long time, can have consequences both on the spine and on other parts of the body. In certain cases, however, it is not just a question of posture, but of serious problems such asscoliosis or lordosis. Regardless of the disease, postural corrective gymnastics can really make a difference.

It should be stressed, however, that the exercises must be performed consistently and paying attention to the correct execution, otherwise results will not be obtained and the situation could even get worse. Furthermore, if you have certain pathologies, a medical examination is recommended before doing any type of physical activity, even postural activity. Usually, the corrective is indicated in cases of mild scoliosis, while in more serious situations it is preferable to combine sport with the use of corsets and braces.

Corrective gymnastics: the cost

Corrective back exercises can be done by both adults and children. The exercises have the task of correcting paramorphisms and incorrect behaviors, often a symptom of scoliosis, lordosis, varus and valgus. Posture, on the other hand, aims to position the body in space in the right way, in order to preserve the well-being of the musculoskeletal structure and prevent bone pain.

Both scoliosis corrective and postural exercises place great emphasis on breathing and stretching exercises. Especially with children, balls, rubber bands and other tools will be used, so as to stimulate them and prevent them from getting bored. The cost varies according to the gym/doctor's office chosen, but the average price is 50 euros per month for one lesson per week, for a total of four meetings every 30 days.

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