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Corsets, cargo pants, top cut outs and shorts: how to mix the essentials of the street style of summer 2022

Woman black corset golden pants

Exuberant, sexy and sporty-chic: it is the street style of the fashion trends of summer 2022, between contemporary and Y2K aesthetics

The Paris fashion shows were undoubtedly an enchanting summary of the must-have items of the perfect wardrobe of summer 2022. The street style that emerged is a mix of sexy, exuberant and daring trends , a game of sight and plays between dresses with a nude effect, transparencies, cut-our details and tops decided to cover the bare minimum: the body is in fact the absolute protagonist, while ironically the legs play to reveal themselves but also to cover themselves among the many models of cargo pants that represent the sporty stylistic code of the street style of summer 2022.

Street style summer 2022: corset or crop top + cargo pants

On the sites of the fast fashion giants there are two must-haves of the 2022 street style that periodically go like hot cakes: they are corsets and cargo pants . These two key pieces from this year's wardrobe, stolen from the 2000s archive, have given life to the iconic image of the contemporary Y2K aesthetic.

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Wearing them together is a mix of sporty, sexy and pop vibes: the corset in fact leaves the hips strategically uncovered, the cargo pants, even better if low-waisted and allowing a glimpse of the underwear, compensate with their volume that the centimeters of leather that we leave uncovered in the top part of our outfit. The crop top , iconic garment for more than a year now, of course, has not gone away, but if you want to focus on those with a contemporary allure, even better if cut out to combine with high-waisted cargo.

Shorts or miniskirt + blazer: the sporty chic style summer edition 2022

The shorts and the miniskirt this year have tended to become two indispensable must haves for making an elegant outfit. Also in this case they can of course always be combined with a crop top, but in summer 2022 they are the perfect accomplices of a sexy but elegant street style, to be combined with long or short blazers , perfect for summer evenings at parties or walks.

The resulting sporty chic style can be customized as you prefer: there are those who dare a lot and aim for a basically sporty look by choosing a pair of sneakers and letting the terry socks become the protagonists of the look – the latest Gucci-Adidas collection docet – or for those who prefer to emphasize a chic soul, bell heel sandals, stilettos and stilettos are the most glamorous choice.

The bag is another essential element of this look : from the soft shoulder straps to the cassette clutches launched in trend by Bottega Veneta to the mini bowling size it bags to be worn as small trunks on the wrist, they are the coolest models.

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