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Cottage cheese: the recipe

cottage cheese recipe

Let's discover the recipe for preparing homemade cottage cheese, excellent on its own and in many recipes.

Do you know why cottage cheese is so light? Because they are prepared with only two ingredients, skimmed milk and vinegar . The process is really simple and can also be replicated at home with the certainty of obtaining an excellent product. In recent times, in fact, recipes with cottage cheese abound, thanks to the high protein intake, so what could be better than finding out how to prepare homemade cottage cheese?

You won't need thermometers or strange ingredients, just the ones we mentioned. In just over half an hour you will get a fabulous cottage cheese, excellent to enjoy on its own, perfect for making many recipes.

cottage cheese recipe
cottage cheese recipe

How to prepare the cottage cheese recipe

  1. Pour the milk and salt into a saucepan and heat everything until it starts to simmer .
  2. Then remove from the heat, add the vinegar and mix for a minute with a whisk.
  3. Cover with the lid and let rest for 30 minutes .
  4. At this point, cover a fine mesh strainer with a clean cloth washed without fabric softener and pour in the mixture.
  5. Squeeze everything well using the edges of the cloth and transfer to a bowl. Your homemade cottage cheese is ready to be served.

With this simple procedure it is also possible to make other homemade cheeses such as ricotta for which you will however need fresh whole milk. With cottage cheese you can make delicious cottage cheese pancakes , perfect for breakfast.


The cottage cheese will keep for 2-3 days in the refrigerator , well covered with cling film.

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