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Couch and movie night? You cannot miss the pizza in the air fryer

pizza in air fryer

There is no trick, there is no deception: air fryer pizza is prepared in no time and is perfect for a relaxing dinner.

This appliance never stops reaping "victims": after having already saved us with many recipes, today it turns out to be perfect for preparing pizza too. We loved the air fryer pizza because in a short time it was crispy and well cooked , ready to be enjoyed.

As with pizza, you can indulge yourself with the toppings in this case too. The important thing is not to exceed with those that release humidity because they could compromise cooking. But don't worry: the little precautions to follow are the usual ones you have when preparing homemade pizza with the only difference that cooking is ultra-fast.

pizza in air fryer
pizza in air fryer

How to make air fryer pizza recipe

  1. First let's prepare the dough for the pizza . In a bowl, dissolve the yeast with the water and sugar, then add the flour and start mixing with a spoon.
  2. When the flour has begun to collect the liquids, add the salt and the oil, finishing kneading by hand on a pastry board.
  3. Form a loaf and put it to rise in the oven off with the light on for 3 hours, remembering to cover the bowl with plastic wrap.
  4. At this point divide it into 4 parts , give it the shape of loaves and let it rise for another hour.
  5. In the meantime, season the fine tomato pulp with salt and oregano if you like and cut the mozzarella into slices, putting it to dry on kitchen paper.
  6. Now roll out the first pizza, place it in the basket and season it to taste. We chose the classic margherita with tomato and mozzarella.
  7. Cook them one at a time at 180°C for 8 minutes.

See how simple it is to prepare cooked pizza in the air fryer? Of course you can choose the dough you prefer by choosing from our proposals, or opt for a ready-made dough in case of emergency.

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Air fryer pizza will keep for a couple of days out of the fridge, wrapped in aluminum foil. We advise you to always heat it in the fryer for one minute before enjoying it.

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