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Cough: what it is and why it occurs


Coughing is a common phenomenon but to which little attention is paid. Let's find out why it occurs and what it depends on.

Coughing is one of the forms of defense that our body puts in place in certain circumstances.
From a purely technical point of view it is a noisy emission of air which occurs from the mouth and which, most of the time, serves to free the airways from what is blocking them.
Some examples are foreign bodies , mucus, etc…
Let's find out, therefore, everything there is to know about cough and how to prevent it or act when it occurs.

What is cough and why does it occur

As already mentioned, cough occurs for various reasons and usually to expel foreign bodies from the airways. It is, therefore, an extremely important phenomenon and which, even if annoying, can prove to be extremely useful, especially in the event of suffocation.


Wanting to summarize the reasons why a coughing attack can occur, among the most common there are:

– Presence of foreign bodies
– Asthma
Irritation from substances present in the air
– Infection of the respiratory tract
– Irritation from dry air
– How many types of cough exist

Now that we have seen why we cough and what the most common causes are, it can be useful to know some of the many types of cough that exist. In fact, each form has different causes and often also treatments that can vary. Among the most common are wet cough , dry cough, nocturnal cough , reflux cough, allergic cough , nervous cough and persistent cough .

While remedies vary slightly based on the cause, there are natural ones that can help counteract the problem. In fact, there are natural syrups, apple cider vinegar which helps to sedate it in a short time, etc…

How to act in case of cough

Recognizing cough is not very difficult as its manifestation is unmistakable.
What can be a little more complex is learning to distinguish between dry and wet coughs.
The former is particularly dry while the latter is often characterized by the presence of phlegm which can appear when coughing or which can be felt in the throat when having a coughing attack.

Generally it is a phenomenon that in most cases disappears by itself. In case of flu or allergic or other problems, it may happen that you have to take medicines.
These will be chosen by your doctor based on your symptoms and the precise cause.
In the meantime, as already mentioned, it is possible to remedy this with honey or hot milk with honey. These remedies, as long as they are simple, can soothe the discomfort and reduce the cough.

To this you can add fumigation with hot water and salt. In more extreme cases, however, the doctor can prescribe mild sedatives aimed at alleviating the problem, especially at night when the cough tends to become more insistent. Learning to distinguish between the various types of cough and understanding how to act immediately to ensure that it doesn't get worse is certainly very useful.

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