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Cous cous: calories and effects on the diet

cous cous

Let's find out more about couscous: calories and possible effects on the diet.

Many people ask questions about couscous, the calories it contains and the possible risks it can bring to those on a diet . After all, it is one of the most popular summer recipes and one that we tend to want to do in the company of friends. A recipe of which little is known about the nutritional level, so much so as to arouse fears and anxiety in those who are on a diet. Here, then, is when you need to know about the effects of couscous on the diet and the calories of cooked couscous.

Does couscous make you fat? Here's what's important to know

Let's start by saying that couscous alone is not to be considered an enemy. Its contribution to the diet, therefore, mostly depends on the seasoning with which you choose to accompany it.

cous cous
cous cous

Normally based on durum wheat semolina, today it can also be found based on corn, barley or other ingredients. Reason why, the first thing to do is to check the label of what you buy.
That said, couscous has normal carbohydrates, that is, 23 g per 100 g of product .

As for the calories, these settle on 110 per 100 g. All for a product that can be considered healthy as it is completely cholesterol-free and with 3.5 g of protein per 100 g.

How to eat couscous on a diet

Now that, after having seen whether or not rice makes you fat, we understand how couscous is not an enemy of the diet at all, it is important to understand how to eat it in order not to undergo weight gain.

If the cous cous alone is dietetic, the same cannot be said for the condiment that accompanies it. This, in fact, can only contain vegetables , vegetables and fish or even fish and meat together. All this for a balanced meal that, in order to be truly so, must be seasoned with extra virgin olive oil and not have too much fat.

To be on the safe side it is certainly better to prepare it at home and based on genuine ingredients. In this way, in fact, you will be able to count on a cheerful, colorful, satiating dish and also suitable for those on a diet.

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