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Creamy and tasty bean hummus

Bean hummus

Bean Hummus: The creamy, mild-flavored variant of the popular chickpea hummus. Let’s find out how it is prepared!

When it comes to hummus, the first thing that comes to mind is definitely that of chickpeas. This legume-based and spice-rich cream from Middle Eastern cuisine is today one of the most popular dishes in the world. We all know the classic recipe a little but today we want to offer you the recipe of borlotti bean hummus with rosemary, a delicious no-cooking cream perfect to serve on any occasion, from an aperitif with friends to a quiet family dinner.

Thanks to its delicate flavor, bean hummus lends itself to being a dish suitable for any season. In summer, for example, it can be prepared hours before and put in the fridge to be served cold , perhaps accompanied with toasted bread croutons, simple crackers or wraps heated in a pan. Are you curious to know how it is prepared? Then you just have to continue reading and discover the preparation of the bean hummus recipe.

Bean hummus
Bean hummus

Preparation of the recipe for chickpea hummus

  1. Take the canned pinto beans (already cooked), drain them, rinse them quickly under water and let them drain.
  2. Transfer them to a blender and add the peeled and cored clove of garlic , salt, extra virgin olive oil, previously chopped rosemary, lemon juice, pepper and nutmeg. Blend everything.
  3. If the consistency does not seem right and the cream is too liquid, add a little more beans if it seems too solid, add a little water.
  4. Transfer the hummus into bowls and serve it accompanied with toasted bread croutons (or alternatively with wraps or crackers).

Delicious variations of cannellini bean hummus or without tahini

Hummus is one of the quick and easy recipes that is very versatile.

  1. You can prepare the version with cannellini beans, replacing the classic legumes of the preparation and proceeding as per the recipe.
  2. To make tahini-free bean hummus, simply omit this ingredient for a lighter version.
  3. Finally, among the spices to add to this delicious cream we also remember sweet paprika or fresh chilli for lovers of strong flavors and spicy cuisine.


Bean hummus can be stored in the fridge for 1-2 days , in an airtight container. However, being a dish that takes just a few minutes, it is still advisable to prepare it at the moment.

Try the chickpea hummus recipe!

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