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Csaba infusion from Zorza

Csaba infusion from Zorza

In an Instagram live broadcast, Csaba dalla Zorza gives some wellness tips. Among these, he presents his DIY infusion.

Csaba dalla Zorza, via a live broadcast on his Instagram profile, spoke about well-being , health and nutrition. He explained his routine and his ideal meals, and then focused on how fundamental both the ingredients that purify us and hydration are.

Hydration, in fact, is very important and you need to do it by choosing the right foods and drinks , among these you talk about mineral water and tea and herbal teas . In this regard, he offers us an infusion, which he also defines as a "light tea", to be made directly at home, very useful for digestion .

Let's see together the ingredients and preparation of the Csaba infusion from Zorza!

Csaba infusion from Zorza
Csaba infusion from Zorza

Preparation of the Csaba infusion from Zorza

  1. First, fill a small teaspoon (coffee) with green tea and place it in the teapot filter.
  2. Add a squeezed lemon wedge with peel and a couple of centimeters long piece of grated ginger .
  3. Pour boiling water over it, it must have a temperature of around 90° (no more so as not to ruin the tea).
  4. Leave to infuse for 5 minutes.
  5. Pour the infusion into a cup and enjoy it!

Alternatively, if you don't have a teapot , you can use any container and filter everything with a fine mesh strainer, or buy so-called socks, paper bags in which to put the ingredients and leave them to infuse.


Being a hot infusion, it cannot be preserved and therefore we recommend drinking it immediately.

Csaba's other advice

During the live broadcast, in addition to giving advice on his eating routine and which foods and drinks are best for him, Csaba dalla Zorza spoke in general about how to deal with the end of the holidays and the beginning of the new year.

He talks about resolutions and says that we need to make them based on practical objectives and our dreams, putting them in writing so as to remind us of what we want, " if we want to obtain something, the first step to having it is to desire it. " He says. He then adds that we need to create a routine and a to-do list, including both the things we want and the things we need to do.

Finally, she clarifies that she is neither a doctor nor a psychologist due to the advice she gives but she says " I am a person who believes she has many things within herself that she can share also to make others feel good "

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