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Cuboid syndrome: what it is and what are the treatments

cuboid syndrome

Cuboid syndrome affects the bone of the foot and can be very painful. Let's find out what the symptoms are and possible treatments.

When we talk about cuboid syndrome we mean a disease linked to the foot bone and capable of causing intense and sometimes unbearable pain .
Typically, the pain gets worse when you walk or exercise. Here, then, what are the causes and remedies to be implemented.

Cuboid syndrome: what it is, what the symptoms are and why it comes

This particular syndrome, also known as peroneocuboid syndrome , cuboid subluxation, or lateral plantar neuritis, affects the lateral exterior of the foot.
Often difficult to recognize right from the start, it is very painful as it affects the short bone of the tarsus, located on the outside of the foot.

cuboid syndrome
cuboid syndrome

Among the causes that cause it are the excessive use of the part , which is why it is a syndrome that mostly affects runners, sportsmen and all those who use their feet more frequently and all-encompassingly. In some cases, among the causes there may also be trauma due to external situations, accidents, overweight and the presence of so-called flat feet which constitute a predisposition to the problem. Going to the symptoms, the main one is the one related to the pain caused by the dislocation and which often makes movements difficult. To this are added others which are:

– Lameness
Inflammation of the tendons
Weak foot
– Continuous pain
– Difficulty in placing the foot

In the face of these symptoms, especially if in the presence of pain, it is very important to seek an opinion from the orthopedic doctor. In this way you will have a diagnosis as soon as possible thus avoiding straining the part making things worse.

How is cuboid syndrome treated?

To obtain an exact diagnosis , it is enough to be seen by a specialist doctor who , after a careful anamnesis and possible control tests , will be able to understand the extent of the problem .
Luckily the cures are simple and can be achieved through manipulation of the part and realignment of the foot.

However, the latter can only be performed in the absence of other problems such as rheumatism, vascular problems or edema. In these cases or when the manipulation fails, a more extreme and rare remedy can be used, which is precisely surgery. Going to recovery, manipulation solves everything within 24 hours and with the help of targeted exercises and, in some cases, taping.
If you work on it, however, recovery is much slower, so much so that it takes about six months.

During the wait it is therefore possible to resort to painkillers, the use of elastic bands and the necessary rest which in many cases represents the exemption from physical activity for sportsmen.
Once healed, to avoid having to fight with this problem, it is possible to use plantar reinforcements, work on posture and try not to strain the part excessively . With a lot of attention, it is usually possible to avoid relapsing into cuboid syndrome. At the same time it is also important to prevent the problem by developing all possible strategies.

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