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Cucumber salad in tzatziki sauce, the taste of lightness!

Cucumber salad and tzatziki sauce

Cucumber salad in tzatziki sauce, a fresh summer side dish to bring to the table, perhaps to accompany a tasty second course.

Cucumber salad in tzatziki sauce is a simple dish to make, it requires no cooking and in a flash you will feel like you are in Greece! The freshness of the cucumbers together with the Greek yogurt are the perfect combination for a healthy and tasty cold side dish (or appetizer). You won't need to cook anything, just a few minutes and the recipe will be ready for you to taste.

Cucumber salad and tzatziki sauce
Cucumber salad and tzatziki sauce

Preparing cucumber salad in tzatziki sauce

  1. Bringing cucumber salad in tzatziki sauce to the table will be a very welcome gesture of freshness. Preparing this salad is simple and you can decide whether to cut the cucumbers finely with a mandolin or to make small cubes, in the second case the salad will be crunchier.
  2. Grandma's advice, to avoid any bitterness of the cucumber, is to first cut off the ends, add fine salt and rub well.
  3. Then wash the cucumbers thus prepared and then, before cutting them in the way you prefer, peel them, removing only part of the peel and place them in a colander with a bowl underneath. They will lose a little water which you can easily eliminate this way.
  4. In a serving bowl, prepare the sauce, starting by adding the yogurt which you will mix to soften it.
  5. Squeeze the lemon and add it, grate the garlic – which will then be reduced to a cream – break up the dill washed in cold water with your hands and add it to the mixture together with a pinch of salt , chilli pepper and extra virgin olive oil.
  6. Mix everything well, taste and, if necessary, add salt.
  7. The cucumbers, shaken well to remove any additional water, insert them into the tzatziki sauce, stirring again and garnishing with more extra virgin olive oil and bring to the table. This cucumber salad in tzatziki sauce will force you to do the slipper!

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We recommend storing the salad with the sauce for a maximum of 2 days in the fridge, inside a container with an airtight lid. We do not recommend freezing in the freezer.

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