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Curly hair, degradé yes or no? Here’s everything you need to know

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Is it possible to degrade curly hair? Of course it is, and the final effect is nothing short of stunning: here's what you need to know.

Degradé is one of the most requested techniques in hairdressing salons. It is a treatment that must be carried out by expert hands and allows you to obtain a stunning but, at the same time, extremely natural final result. Let's see what are the most popular shades for curly hair .

Curly hair: degradé yes or no?

Degradé can be easily achieved on curly hair, just entrust yourself to the hands of an expert hair stylist. Whether you have a more or less defined, frizzy or perfect curl, this treatment will make your hair nourished, bright and, above all, extremely natural. For example, on curly hair, the degradé in brown tones is perfect. The threads of color, in fact, are very thin and give even more volume to the hair. If desired, the strands can also be turned towards a coppery or red shade . Either way, the regrowth will barely be noticeable.

Even with curly hair , degradé in shades of blonde is possible, provided that the starting point is clear. Obviously, this technique needs to be done without detaching too much from your natural color. Therefore, radical change will never be achieved. In fact, let's remember that it is a treatment that does not want to distort the starting aspect, but only improve it.

The degradé on curly hair is good for both short and long cuts

Regardless of your starting color, this technique can be done on both short and long hair . The type of cut is not essential, but what is important is, as already underlined, entrusting yourself to the hands of an expert hair stylist . The success of the treatment depends above all on the choice of the shades of the strands.

With a very short cut , it should be emphasized, the hair becomes very fluffy and also develops in height. Therefore, if you don't like this effect, opt for another technique and always get advice from the hairdresser.

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