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Cushing’s syndrome: symptoms and possible treatments

cushing's syndrome

Cushing's syndrome is a problem caused by too much cortisol in the body. Let's find out how to recognize it and what are the possible treatments.

When we talk about Cushing's syndrome we mean a condition in which the cortisol in the body is at very high levels. Actual Cushing's disease is triggered when the outermost portion of the adrenal gland (called the cortical) then increases its function by producing too much cortisol . For this reason we also speak of hypercorticadrenalism. In rarer cases, the cause may be different and dictated by the excessive intake of cortisol due to other pathologies present. In this case, however, we speak of iatrogenic Cushing.

Cushing's syndrome: diagnosis and treatment

In general, the diagnosis of this syndrome is obtained through several tests that are performed in conjunction with symptoms that, together, lead to suspect its presence.

cushing's syndrome
cushing's syndrome

For Cushing's disease, the most common symptoms are in fact:
– Weight gain in specific areas
Skin lesions due to skin thinning
– Spots on the skin due to incorrect coagulation
– Facial hair
– Hirsutism
Absence of menstrual cycle
– Skin ulcerations
– Erectile dysfunction
– Tiredness
Continuous migraines
– Changes in mood
– Bone fragility

In the presence of these symptoms, the doctor can then arrange blood and urine tests to be followed by tests on saliva and CT scans or magnetic resonances aimed at identifying the state of the adrenal gland and pituitary gland.

Cushing's syndrome: the cure

The cure for this disease depends primarily on the cause.
If this is due to the presence of drugs, a way will have to be found to reduce them.

In the case of endogenous Cushing and therefore provoked to the pituitary, surgery may be necessary while when the cause is the adrenal gland overstimulated by a possible mass, it is important to act on it by removing it or intervening with radiation therapy.

If it is impossible to act surgically, there are also drugs that can reduce the production of cortisol. It is therefore very important to carry out the first checks and proceed to centers specialized in the treatment of this disease. In this way it will be possible to deal with it as correctly as possible.

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