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Cut tongue? Let’s find out the causes and possible remedies

tongue cut off

We talk about a cut tongue when there are cuts and cracks on it. Here, then, are the causes and possible remedies.

Having the tongue cut is a condition that can occur for a variety of reasons.
Generally, it manifests itself with more or less deep cuts on the tongue. Reason why, the commonly used term is fissured or plicated tongue.
Its presence does not necessarily indicate an ongoing pathology . In some cases, however, it can indicate systemic diseases or closely related to the oral cavity. So let's find out which are the most common and how to act when they arise.

Cuts on the tongue: causes and remedies

As already mentioned, when it comes to a cut tongue, the causes can be different.

tongue cut off
tongue cut off

In fact, it ranges from genetic predisposition to some signs of aging. That said, there are also causes that are important to recognize, especially when associated with symptoms such as pain or burning . Among these the most important are:

– Deficiency of iron or other minerals
– Infections such as candidiasis
– Lack of the immune system
– Syndromes of various types
– Excessive alcohol consumption
– Dehydration
– Allergic reactions
– Bowel problems
– Inflammatory diseases
– Diabetes
– Malabsorption

These symptoms are also the basis of other problems with the tongue such as, for example, the cracked one. In any case, when you notice differences from normal it is always very important to ask your doctor for help.

What are the remedies for a split tongue

Going to the remedies to cure the cut tongue, these are usually based on drugs that the doctor always prescribes and only after a careful medical history. The same can be obtained through various types of tests that aim to understand which of the problems described above are the ones underlying the symptoms .

To all this must be added good dental hygiene, the use of soothing products and abstaining from those that are irritating. To all this we should also add a different lifestyle and free of alcohol and smoke which, by themselves, tend to irritate the oral mucosa. In this way the healing will be much faster and the tongue will return to being as usual.

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