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Dark style and braids: this is how Wednesday Addams sets a trend not only on Netflix

Jenna Ortega

If you can't contain the urge to go out with a couple of braids and wear black and white outfits, welcome to the Wednesday club

From Bridgerton to The Queen of Chess , from Emily in Paris to Wednesday , adding also the Vans craze for white slip-ons that broke out with Squid Game , Netflix series are a constantly growing hotbed of fashion ideas.

And that it would also happen with Wednesday , considering the great importance that director Tim Burton reserves for the costume and scenography sector, we could have somewhat expected it. In fact, since the release of the series on Instagram, the sharing of braided hair looks, total black or black and white outfits, a bit for fun and a bit for taste, have started to become very popular. And even if Halloween has long since passed, it is clear that dark and gothic style in winter always know how to arouse a certain charm.

Wednesday's dark style, Tim Burton's Netflix series: the beauty and the hair look

What do we need to make dark style according to Wednesday? First of all, watch the series and write down the Wednesday Addams total looks episode after episode: in fact, keep an eye not only on the garments but also on the beauty looks, dark but never excessive, perfect if we want to aim for a dark make -up in the evening or during a gloomy day . Burgundy lipstick, black eyeshadow, blush in dark and decisive shades, mascara and eyeliner to be used sparingly or to exceed if an evening of dancing is planned.

The braids are obviously the distinctive trait of Wednesday: to be worn loose, letting them fall strictly on the shoulders or wrapped up for a high and more elegant hairstyle, accompanied by a fringe to be divided in two, as shown in the backstage published by Netflix. To personalize our look we can also decorate them with clips or glittery elastic bands or with applications.

The must-have items: vest, shirt and midi dress

Wednesday's wardrobe is quite varied but we can identify some must-have items: wool vest, shirt with large collar and long pleated skirt, to which Wednesday also adds the jacket that characterizes his school uniform . A look that recalls the college style trend relaunched during the year but in a more classic and preppy key, without crop cuts.

Among the textures, Wednesday loves the pinstripe and the checked and striped patterns that characterize the black and white sweaters and waistcoats, while the tie stands out among the accessories. Let's expect that in the coming months this accessory will be revisited and relaunched from the catwalks, not only on shirts but also on T-shirts.

Of course, there is also the most feminine and romantic item on Wednesday, the dresses. In the series we see two models that have already become iconic: the long black dress in tulle and ruffles, protagonist of the protagonist's cult ball and the black midi dress with yellow micro-flowers. And the shoes? No moccasins, Wednesday focuses on platform shoes with lug soles for casual looks and Mary Janes for elegant looks.

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