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Daylight saving time depression: what it is, why it occurs and how to act

daylight saving time depression

Feeling depressed after the arrival of summer time is more than normal. Let's find out why it happens and how to act to change things.

Among the many problems caused by solar time, one of the most important is certainly depression .
It is a rather widespread phenomenon and which tends to occur mostly in already predisposed subjects but also in those who have never had this problem.
Although in most cases, DST depression is a problem that tends to resolve itself within a few days, in some cases it can last longer, representing a symptom that should not be underestimated.
So here's everything you need to know about DST depression and how to act when it occurs.

DST depression: why it occurs

Although the daylight saving time change means more sunshine during the day, to get it you need to give up an hour of sleep. An aspect that if not resolved can lead to irritable mood and, indeed, to depression.

daylight saving time depression
daylight saving time depression

To all this is added the fact that with the change of the jet-leg (although it is only an hour) mechanisms are put in place that lead to variations capable of triggering a worsening of depression in those who already suffer from it and to make it appear the first symptoms to those who have never had similar problems. For this reason, if you feel down in the dumps more than you should, it is always important not to underestimate it and ask yourself questions about your emotions and what you can do about them to improve them.

Fortunately, as already mentioned, if the cause of depression is lack of sleep and the many inconveniences associated with changing the time of day , in most cases it is enough to wait a few days (in the worst case scenario two or three weeks) to return to being like before. To this we can add the attempt to sleep as much as possible, to eat well and to exercise. In some cases, however, if there are personal problems, the symptoms may remain. When this happens, of course, it is important to act in time and contact a psychotherapist.

How to know if you are depressed

Typically, the symptoms of depression are quite recognizable. When this happens it is important to act in time and ask for help. If taken in time, in fact, depression can be easily resolved or through a therapeutic path capable of improving the symptoms almost immediately and without particular problems.

The important thing is not to try to help yourself or avoid the problem because that can only make things worse and exacerbate the problem. That said, while you find the right help you can of course look to get out and take advantage of the extra hours of sunshine, listen to music, do fun activities and spend quality time with the people you love.

In this way it will be much easier to manage the problem and return to a life as normal as possible and able to face everyday problems in a positive and constructive way.

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