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De Quervain syndrome: symptoms and treatment of this disease

Hand wrist pain

De Quervain's syndrome affects the tendons of the thumb: let's see what the symptoms are and how this inflammation is treated.

De Quervain syndrome is a condition affecting the tendons of the hands and thumbs. It causes pain and swelling along the thumb side of the wrist. The condition usually occurs due to overuse of the thumb and wrist. It often affects new mothers and newborns , as they strain that area by lifting the baby. But there are also other causes, let's see what they are and how it is treated.

De Quervain syndrome: causes and symptoms

As we have said, De Quervain's disease mainly affects mothers and grandmothers, but not only. This can also arise in subjects who constantly use their thumb to type on a computer or mobile phone, but also in certain professions such as musicians or embroiderers. It is caused by swelling of the two tendons that control movement along the thumb at the base of the wrist. This swelling prevents these tendons from moving freely within their protective tissues (known as tendon sheaths).

As a result, everyday activities such as lifting objects can be uncomfortable or even painful due to pinching of swollen tendons .

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Symptoms of De Quervain syndrome include pain at the base of the thumb when bending or reaching for an object. Apart from this you may also notice swelling around the area and pain if you press on the area.

De Quervain tendonitis, how is it treated?

Treatment for this tendonitis typically involves cutting back on activities that irritate these sensitive tendons and taking anti-inflammatory medications such as ibuprofen to reduce swelling. Usually we also proceed with physiotherapy exercises aimed at improving mobility and flexibility, also strengthening the weak muscle groups in this area. If this type of treatment does not provide relief after several weeks, targeted surgery (puleggiotomy) should be considered.

The surgery opens up the sheath to release the inflamed tissue surrounding those two specific tendons thus promoting normal movement. Overall, De Quervain syndrome can be an annoying but manageable problem. The intervention is totally decisive and the benefits are immediate.

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