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Degradè on dark hair: the wow effect is guaranteed

woman hair color before and after

Degradé on dark hair is not only possible, but gives nothing short of amazing results: let's see what shades are possible.

Who says that degradé on dark hair can't be done? Without a shadow of a doubt, this treatment on light hair gives amazing results, but the wow effect can also be obtained with a dark brown or black starting base. Obviously, an expert hairdresser must perform the technique.

Is it possible to degrade dark hair?

Although many think that degradé is a technique intended only for light hair, the reality is quite different. Considering that there are 12 different shades and many shades, the treatment can also be done on dark hair. Obviously, in order for the result to be more than satisfactory, it is recommended to entrust yourself to the hands of expert hairdressers. Whether you have long or short hair , curly or straight, it doesn't matter: the final effect will be extremely natural, soft and voluminous.

On a dark brown base, for example, you could do a degradé in shades of ash brown, which gives volume to the hair without weighing it down. This creates an effect that is barely visible at the root, with not too sharp contrasts, and a little more marked on the lengths. The final effect will still be very natural.

Even the degradé on light brown hair is amazing, but needs some more attention. If, for example, you want an even lighter shade than the base, you have to work a lot on the lengths with ash blonde and on the tips with an gradually brighter shade.

cut before and after
cut before and after

Degradè dark hair: the wow effect is guaranteed

The degradé on black hair can be done, don't worry, and the wow effect is guaranteed. From a dark and cold starting color, the ideal is to go to warmer shades, using thick strands. The difference between the base and the strands, however, shouldn't be too different. In this way, in fact, the hair will be natural and very, very voluminous.

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