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Delicate, dreamy, exciting: this is how the color lilac is combined

Lilac clothes

Bright, romantic and glam, there are many reasons why we like lilac. Here's how to match it

If you need a color that gives you serenity and calm, then you necessarily need to wear a lilac garment or dress. In fact, it is said that this very delicate nuance is the conjunction between body and mind and that it has the innate ability to relax, letting rationality prevail over fermenting emotions. Little curiosities that a self-respecting fashion addict must know to choose the perfect color to match the right occasion. In fact, colors can convey a lot of our personality, beyond any color scheme.

Lilac: which colors to combine for a mix and match look

Wisteria, the landscapes of Provence covered in lavender, lilac also known as pastel or light purple, give us a comfortable feeling and give our wardrobe that necessary note of romance and lightness that we need. However, let's not look at this nuance as just a summer one, because in winter the lilac wool sweaters are more glamorous than ever.

We can wear this color alone, perhaps choosing a long or short dress or combine it with a color palette that allows us to play and create mix and match looks in terms of color, as well as fabrics.

Lilac shirt and green pants
Lilac shirt and green pants

The shades of lilac are different, just as there are colors that blend beautifully with this nuance, starting with green, passing through yellow and blue, which create a nice contrast.

If, on the other hand, you don't want to be too daring but want something original, play with dark or light purple for a ton sur ton effect, depending on the lilac shade, and with pink: the romantic chic effect is guaranteed!

Black, beige, white: the classic basics to combine with pastel purple

Lovers of a minimal wardrobe with a classic allure will prefer to travel instead on rigorous nuances that naturally go well with lilac. In this case, however, also pay attention to the season: for example dark colors like black but also blue are perfect to wear in winter, while the beige and lilac combo is perfect for autumn but also for spring.

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Timeless, born to be worn at the gates of spring is undoubtedly the white and lilac pair: lilac skirts, trousers or blazers are perfect combined with simple white t-shirts or tank tops. A basic, chic and evergreen look!

Lilac cropped cardigan

If you are looking for an essential look, with colors that are not too bright but captivating, you will discover that lilac also goes very well with colors such as mud , brown and khaki: the effect is that of a decidedly wilder look, which dilutes the candor of this nuance.

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