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Dental Implantology in Italy: Innovations, Dental Tourism and the Expert Speak

Elderly patient at the dentist

Dental implantology has become increasingly accessible thanks to technological innovations and changes in care models.

Considering the costs of implantology and with the rise of dental tourism , many Italians are faced with the choice between local treatments and opportunities abroad.

We spoke to Dr. Giuseppe Genzano , an expert in the field of implantology at the Ireos Dental Dental Clinic , with over 30 years of experience, to get a clearer perspective on these issues.

Together with Dr. Genzano we will try to understand if it is really convenient to go abroad to have your teeth fixed and if there are alternative solutions also in Italy to save on the costs of the dentist.

Innovation in Implantology

Implantology has undergone a rapid evolution in recent years. “The techniques have become less invasive, more predictable and recovery times have reduced”, says Dr. Genzano. “ Today, with computer-guided surgery , we can place dental implants with pinpoint accuracy, reducing risk and improving patient outcomes.

Elderly patient at the dentist

Here are some of the new dental implant techniques

  • Computer-guided surgery: Uses 3D imaging and software to plan and guide the placement of dental implants, resulting in greater precision and accuracy.
  • Minimally invasive surgery : Uses smaller incisions and less invasive tools to place dental implants, reducing pain and recovery time.
  • Immediate loading implantology : involves placing a temporary crown or bridge on the implant immediately after placement, allowing the patient to leave the office with a functional tooth and have his teeth fixed in less than 24h.
  • Bone regeneration : This involves using bone grafts or growth factors to stimulate the growth of new bone in areas where there isn't enough bone to support a dental implant.

Overall, these new dental implant techniques offer patients more options to restore their smile with less pain and faster recovery times.

“For those who need to have their teeth redone and need to know all the details on dental implants, they can consult the complete guide on dental implants on the Ireos Dental Clinic website,” suggests Dr. Genzano.

The phenomenon of dental tourism

Dental tourism has gained popularity due to the low costs offered by countries such as Albania, Turkey and Croatia . But Dr. Genzano cautions: “ Although it may seem cost-effective at first, there are risks associated with it. The quality of care, the possibility of adequate follow-up and potential language barriers are all real concerns.

It is important to be careful when choosing the clinic and make sure it is reputable and professional. Additionally, it is important to consider additional costs such as travel and accommodation, which could add to the overall cost of dental care.

Why Choosing Italy to have your teeth restored

Dr. Genzano underlines the advantages of implantology in Italy: “ We have some of the best professionals in the world, and our dental training is of the highest level. Also, the ability to have regular follow-up with the same dentist who performed the surgery is invaluable.

In Italy, clinics such as Ireos Dental have established themselves with the aim of offering services of the highest quality at competitive prices compared to popular dental tourism destinations such as Croatia and Turkey. “ At Ireos Dental Clinic, we are able to offer high quality services at affordable prices thanks to our in-house production and centralized procurement of materials. This allows us to pass the savings on to our patients, while ensuring world-class standards of care ,” explains Dr. Genzano.

The future of implantology

Looking to the future, Dr. Genzano is optimistic: “ Research is constantly evolving. We are exploring better materials, more efficient techniques and ways to make implantology accessible to all. The goal is always to guarantee patients safe, effective and long-lasting treatments.

The future of implantology: restoring the smile of those without bone

"In recent years, dental implantology has made great strides, offering innovative solutions to restore a smile to those who have lost teeth and, in particular circumstances, also a significant part of their bone mass", says Dr. Giuseppe Genzano. “In the past, those with osteoporosis or significant bone loss had few options. But today, thanks to recent innovations, we can also offer solutions to these patients.”

Dr. Genzano introduces us to one of the revolutionary techniques: immediate loading dental implants. “These implants can be placed directly into the jaw bone, even if it is compromised, without the need for bone grafting. The patient can then receive a temporary crown or bridge and go home with a functional smile in less than a day.”

But the innovations don't stop there. “We have also introduced boneless implants,” explains Dr. Genzano. “These particular implants are placed in the gum tissue and not in the jaw bone. They use a special design that allows them to blend seamlessly with the surrounding tissues.”

Zygomatic Implants: An advanced solution for complex cases

When we talk about patients who have lost a significant amount of jaw bone, one of the most innovative and revolutionary solutions is represented by zygomatic implants” , Dr. Giuseppe Genzano tells us. “ These implants are a real breakthrough in the field of implantology, especially for those patients who are not ideal candidates for traditional dental implants due to lack of bone.

Zygomatic implants are named after the zygomatic bone to which they are anchored. “ Unlike traditional dental implants, which are inserted into the jaw bone, zygomatic implants are longer and are fixed to the zygomatic bone, providing solid anchoring even in the absence of adequate jaw bone,” explains Dr. Genzano.

This type of system offers many advantages. “ First of all, it allows you to avoid complex and invasive procedures such as bone grafts. Furthermore, thanks to their position and length, zygomatic implants offer exceptional stability, making prosthetic rehabilitation possible in a very short time.

However, like any medical procedure, zygomatic implants also require careful evaluation and detailed planning. “ It is essential to rely on expert professionals specialized in this type of intervention”, underlines Dr. Genzano.


While the attraction of dental tourism may be strong, there are clear benefits to choosing to stay in Italy for implant treatment.

With experts like Dr. Genzano at the helm and clinics like Ireos Dental committed to providing high-quality services at competitive prices, patients can expect high-quality care, long-lasting results and the assurance of proper follow-up.

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