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Dental malocclusion: why not underestimate it

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Dental malocclusion is a problem that afflicts many people of all ages.

Going more specifically, it is useful to know that it is a pathological condition that does not allow the two dental arches to fit together correctly. Why does this condition occur and how can we cure it?

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The causes to know

When a person is unable to correctly overlap the dental arches, it is clear that there is a misalignment of the teeth or in any case an incorrect position of the teeth. In these situations it is possible to use transparent and removable orthodontic appliances, capable of helping the teeth to realign gradually. There are numerous clinics that deal with the supply of the invisible appliance in Milan and other parts of Italy. In any case, they offer tailor-made appliances, comfortable and practical to use, discreet and effective.

To cause this misalignment can be various genetic factors or even certain diseases that can affect the oral cavity and beyond. They can trigger the dental malocclusion even of incorrect habits . This mainly happens in children , for example when they use a pacifier and bottle after the age of two. In the long run, the use of these accessories can change the structure of the oral cavity and, consequently, also the position of the teeth.

It is important to know that there is no talk of dental malocclusion when a patient has an alteredly developed jawbone. In this situation we speak of skeletal malocclusion.

The different types of dental malocclusion

It is useful to say that there are three different types of this condition, which differ from each other according to the present misalignment and chewing. It is malocclusion with:

Deep bite ,

Reverse or cross bite ,

Open bite .

The first type occurs when the upper incisors overly cover the lower ones. In the most serious situations, the upper arch totally overhangs the lower one. On the other hand, dental malocclusion with reverse bite is that condition in which chewing occurs in the opposite way to normal. In this case the patient has a very protruding chin. As for the last type, the two arches have no contact with each other during chewing.

Why is it important to treat malocclusion of the dental arches?

When dental malocclusion is not carefully treated, other problems can occur. For example, chewing disorders, pronunciation problems and even discomfort with regard to the purely aesthetic aspect of the mouth can be generated. In the long run, this condition can also result in a fairly evident facial asymmetry. It has been found that it can also increase the risks of developing periodontitis and tooth decay.

Over time, malocclusion can also cause pain when opening the mouth and trigger chronic headaches or migraines. In the most serious situations, invasive diseases such as the pain-dysfunctional syndrome affecting the temporomandibular joint may even present.

Dental malocclusion: It is a good idea to act as soon as possible

As we can see, dental malocclusion is a condition that should not be underestimated and there is no shortage of reasons why it should be corrected as soon as possible. Fortunately, technology and the world of orthodontics offer functional and non-invasive solutions such as invisible braces. By using these braces consistently it will be possible to align your teeth even in a few months. Of course, the duration of treatment varies according to the severity of the condition and based on many other factors.

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