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Diabetic diet: how it works and how to follow it

diabetic diet

The diabetic diet is a food scheme that includes foods suitable for those suffering from diabetes. Let's find out what it consists of.

When we talk about a diabetic diet, we mean a menu specifically designed for those with problems of this type. Foods for diabetics must in fact be as low as possible on the glycemic index and therefore suitable for those suffering from this pathology. Let's find out, therefore, what a menu for diabetics should look like depending on the type of pathology in progress.

How does the type 2 diabetic diet work?

If for type 1 diabetes the menu should always and only be indicated by the doctor, also on the basis of the amount of insulin one receives daily, for diabetes mellitus, the diet tends to be a little more elastic.

diabetic diet
diabetic diet

Obviously, this must always contain foods with a low glycemic index and be as digestible as possible for the body. Regarding the diabetic, what to eat is therefore very important. And the same goes for the proportions. In fact, food can greatly influence the progress of the disease. Suffice it to say that with a correct diet it is possible to reduce the elevations in blood sugar. Furthermore, if, as often happens, you are overweight, it is essential to lose the extra pounds . In this way, in fact, the body will work properly.

Diabetic diet: some examples to follow

But how is a diabetic diet structured? To give an idea of ​​what you can eat in a day, just think that for breakfast you can start with partially skimmed milk to which you can associate stale wholemeal bread which, due to molecular changes, has a low glycemic content.

Mid-morning you can enjoy low-fat yogurt without sugar. For lunch, the ideal is a nice salad with lean proteins and good fats and to be accompanied, at most, with a slice of wholemeal bread.
For a snack, you can opt for a small wholemeal sandwich with turkey ham or a handful of dried fruit.

Finally, at dinner, a portion of eggs, lean protein or cheese is recommended to be served with grilled vegetables and seasoned with a spoonful of extra virgin olive oil. At the end of the meal you can enjoy a small fruit salad without sugar.

Obviously, to get the best for your health, it is preferable to avoid DIY and consult a good nutritionist . In this way it will be possible to have a menu studied on one's own person and for this reason with greater guarantees of success. And this, both for an improvement in health and for achieving a healthy weight.

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