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Difference between probiotics and lactic ferments: what is important to know

girl drinks yogurt

Many people wonder what the difference is between probiotics and lactic ferments. Let’s find out everything there is to know about them and how to take them correctly.

For the correct function of our intestine and of the organism in general, it is very important to learn to recognize the difference between probiotics and lactic ferments.
In fact, these are two forms of “supplements” which are often confused with each other but which, on the other hand, have substantial differences that it is very important to know.

What are probiotics and what are they for

To understand probiotics and what they are, one must start from the assumption that they are in effect living beings that have the particularity of reproducing once they arrive in the intestine.

girl drinks yogurt
girl drinks yogurt

For the term probiotic, the meaning derives from the Greek word “pro-bios” which means in favor of life. Each probiotic also does a specific job.
For this reason, based on the situation you are experiencing, taking it can do you good or cause harm. It is therefore very important to always inquire with your doctor first and not to take it without knowing your situation.

Also, in order to work, probiotics must be taken in very large quantities (in the billions), which is why they are often included in foods or are prescribed in the form of supplements.

Lactic ferments: what they are

Let’s move on to explaining what lactic ferments are, microorganisms found in milk and cheeses and which are used to produce yogurt, kefir and other fermented drinks.
These are capable of chemically transforming lactose and are divided into different strains.
They can be taken all year round but compared to probiotics they are less effective for the well-being of the intestine. They are in fact weaker and subject to attacks by gastric juices.
Regarding the questions about lactic ferments and what they are for, it can therefore be said that they perform beneficial actions in the intestine by increasing its immune defenses.

So what are the differences and benefits between probiotics and lactic ferments?
If the former are to be considered a real cure for the microbiome , the latter are able to fortify the health of the intestine. As for the differences, lactic ferments can be taken without major problems (unless you have particular allergies or intolerances). Probiotics, on the other hand, always need an assessment of the state of health and must be chosen on a case-by-case basis.

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