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Digestive alcoholic sugars: a perfect gift idea

alcoholic sugars

The digestive alcoholic sugars are a beautiful gastronomic gift that is simple to prepare and easy to personalize.

The alcoholic sugars are perfect to serve as a digestive but at the same time to donate on the occasion of the holidays. In fact, gastronomic gifts are increasingly appreciated and this, either for the beauty of the packaging, or for its goodness, is among the most popular. They can really be made in many ways, combining spices and aromas as desired and this is their strong point.

For those who do not know them, the spirit sugars are nothing but sugar cubes soaked in alcohol and flavored . They can be consumed in purity, dissolve them in coffee or even from the fire with a lighter from below in order to evaporate the alcoholic part. Let's find out together which are the best combinations.

alcoholic sugars
alcoholic sugars

How to prepare the recipe for alcoholic sugars

  1. First, get the aromas you prefer by choosing from the combinations that we propose below or by creating your own.
  2. Distribute them in sterilized jars alternating them with sugar cubes then cover with pure alcohol. For a perfect success of the recipe, avoid using grappa.
  3. Close and leave to rest in a cool, dark place for at least a month before consuming them.

How to make alcoholic sugars: tastes

Here are the combinations and doses to make your alcoholic sugars:

  • Alcoholic vanilla sugars: in a jar put the cubes and a vanilla bean cut in half lengthwise and the relative seeds.
  • Alcoholic tangerine sugars: get some organic tangerines and put the grated rind of two of them in the jar.
  • Licorice sugars: two sticks of licorice cut into small pieces will give perfume and color to your digestive.
  • Alcoholic mint sugars: 10-12 mint leaves added to the alcohol will give aroma and color. If you want you can make everything even fresher with lemon or lime zest.
  • Orange and Cinnamon Zucchini: There is nothing more winter than this pairing. Put the orange zest cut into strips in the jar (be careful to remove the white part well) and two cinnamon sticks.


The sugars can be kept for over a year in a cool and dry place. They will be the perfect substitutes for the more classic homemade liqueurs .

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