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Dior Haute Couture f / w 2022-2023: explosions of life among fabrics, embroideries and flowers

Light and delicate fabrics, superfine embroideries narrated through the geometries of white: from Dior Haute Couture, the inspirations for next winter.

In addition to the front rows fed by a merry-go-round of guests from the world of fashion and international stars, the Haute Couture 2022-2023 fashion shows staged in Paris remind us and notify us of the trends for the next autumn / winter season. He met her between the ideas of the creative directors, the dress code of the maison and the skilled hands of the seamstresses give life to the rhythm of haute couture, draws on the profound meaning of the tree of life. And once again Maria Grazia Chiuri asks for help from art: on this occasion it is the Ukrainian artist Olga Trofymenko , whose tapestries made with the art of embroidery have represented the material emblem of this Dior collection, the embroidered fabric.

Dior Haute Couture 2022/2023: the tree of life as an element of continuous renewal

Each season is an opportunity to renew oneself and on the other hand, September is metaphorically considered by many to be the beginning of the year, when after the summer there is the moment of resuming the routine and the good intentions that will prepare us for the renewal with a view to the coming year. But without research there is no renewal and to research we need to draw on our roots, on the mysterious connections of the universe that bind to each other.

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There is the tree of life, leitmotif of the Dior fashion show: " The central element in the imagination of this Dior Couture collection is the tree of life, a symbolic representation of the world, the universe and the common spiritual life. to all the mythologies and religions of the world ”, explains the creative director Maria Grazia Chiuri.

The collection to tell these connections of a millenary nature draws on folklore and the common act of the art of embroidery , which over the centuries has come down to today, as a distinctive mark of high fashion.

Floral embroidery and dresses with a romantic aesthetic: fabric is the protagonist of next winter's wardrobe

The trend for next winter starts right here, from a wardrobe where not only the silhouettes, wonderful, dynamic and romantic those of Dior Haute Couture, but the fabrics that make the dress the absolute protagonist. Puff sleeves, long capes, pleats, drapes, boat necklines, light, swirling dresses to wear as Renaissance ladies.

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And between transparent and well-structured dresses, floral embroideries stud the silhouettes and hold firmly the deep bond with nature, expressed between rigor and romanticism , in deliciously balanced looks that suggest us to dare for next winter, always keeping in mind wardrobe a garment that refers to the past.

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