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DIY body cream: how to make it in a simple and economical way

body cream

Learning how to make your own body lotion is a good way to take care of your skin while economizing.

A DIY body cream is much easier to make than you think. At the same time it offers the possibility to economise and to use natural products which therefore cannot damage the skin in any way. It is therefore a solution that is always worth trying, especially because it is quick to prepare and can offer various advantages .

How to make a simple and effective DIY body cream

To create an easy do-it-yourself body cream, just combine a few ingredients.
What matters is combining the right ones, possibly organic and able to offer the desired result.

body cream
body cream

For a DIY body moisturizer, for example, just whisk together a few slices of cucumber and some sugar-free low- fat yogurt . The cream will then be kept in the fridge for a few days. Simple to make and quick to absorb, it is also the best choice for those with limited time.
Going instead to a DIY body firming cream you can always count on the properties of cucumber, however, combining it with aloe vera . The two ingredients must always be blended together and applied as needed. What matters is to keep what is left in a tightly closed jar and put away in the refrigerator.

Finally, for a do-it-yourself body cream for dry skin you can opt for yogurt to be mixed with extra virgin olive oil. This will also give the skin a lot of shine.

How to properly apply the cream do it yourself

The best time to use a body lotion is immediately after a bath or shower. At this juncture, in fact, the skin is more receptive and able to better accommodate the nutritional properties of the chosen ingredients.

As already mentioned, these, even if homemade, must be of good quality and as organic as possible and without added external substances . Only in this way will it be possible to count on products capable of providing the right benefits and all without weighing down the skin, thus offering it only the best.

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