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DIY firming creams: how to make simple and effective ones

woman with cream

Learning how to make DIY firming creams at home is a good way to take care of your beauty on a budget. Here are some of the simpler ideas.

When we talk about DIY firming creams we mean a mix of ingredients that, when applied to the body, help the skin tone up and appear firmer. To obtain a good result it is therefore very important to choose the right ingredients , which have firming properties and are at the same time of quality. The ideal is to make different creams by changing the ingredients from time to time. In fact, each of us tends to respond better to some than to others. And experimenting is the best way to find out what are the ingredients for DIY body firming creams that work.

How to make a homemade firming cream at home

As already mentioned, in order to be able to count on good DIY firming creams, the ingredients are very important.

woman with cream
woman with cream

Among the many, extra virgin olive oil and almond oil must certainly be taken into consideration for the many properties among which there are also moisturizing and firming ones. Then there are honey which is a real cure-all for the skin and yogurt which is perfect for getting softer skin too.

These ingredients lend themselves perfectly to both a firming cream for arms and legs or other areas of the body. What matters is to always make sure that you don’t have any allergy problems and to test a small area of ​​the body before applying all the cream. In case of irritation it will therefore be better to opt for another recipe .

DIY firming creams: recipes that work

Among the DIY firming creams for tummy, one that is effective is the one based on coffee powder, almond oil and orange juice. The ingredients will be mixed well with each other and applied to the skin. Just let the cream act for about 15 minutes and rinse to give the skin more elasticity.

Even honey mixed with yogurt and enriched with a few drops of lemon juice turns out to be an excellent firming cream. Cream that can be applied all over the body. In addition to the tightening effect, in fact you will get a good hydration for the skin , all natural.

Other ingredients that can be mixed together include grapefruit juice, rice flour, banana and tomato juice.

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